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"Instructions for the Use of Digital Diplomas" for Graduates Starting from the 111th Academic Year


1. Through participation in the Ministry of Education's "National Digital Diploma and Field Establishment Trial Project," National Central University (NCU) has successfully installed and established a digital diploma issuance system. Starting from the 111th academic year, in addition to receiving the original paper diploma, graduates can also receive a free digital diploma issued by NCU.

2. Starting this semester, after completing the procedures for leaving the school and receiving the paper diploma, graduates may apply for digital diplomas in both Chinese and English at the Alumni Service Center of NCU. Within 10 workdays from the date of issuance, the digital diplomas will be sent to the personal email address provided.

3. The aforementioned digital diploma can be uploaded to the Ministry of Education's digital certificate verification website ( by graduates or institutions such as schools and companies that need to verify its authenticity, thereby enhancing the efficiency of diploma verification.

4. For more information on "Instructions for the Use of Digital Diplomas," please click on the following link.